Spiral motifs from Tarxien Temple, c. 3600 to 3000 BCE

I’ve spent the past two weeks in an ancient landscape, in what felt like an altered state of consciousness. I’ve been a Temple time traveler, exploring sacred sites believed to be some of the oldest standing structures on our planet that were dedicated to prayer, ritual, and burial of the dead in Neolithic times. Archaeological evidence from these fairly recently discovered treasures indicates the existence of civilizations in which people lived in harmony in highly artistic, egalitarian and peaceful societies organized around the Mother Goddess. The temple structures themselves are elegantly curved womb-like spaces, invoking a symbolic experience of the mysterious cyclic nature of life. Artifacts from these sties suggest profound regard for the female as progenitor, and the recognition of the earth itself as a Mother who sustains her progeny. Remembering and returning to this ancestral wisdom, and learning that a different way of living once existed, offers me a thread of hope that our own way forward in these unraveling times is a way back to the future. More to come as I incubate and integrate the experiences of my pilgrimage to the Maltese Islands….

5 thoughts on “Returning

  1. Welcome …home?
    Dear Yvonne… thank you for starting to share your amazing pilgrimage!!!
    Cant wait to hear more!!
    Much love


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